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 The White House Ranch is located atop the northern ridge of Pine Mountain. We offer breathtaking views, with rolling hills, a lake, beautiful pastures, and landscaped gardens that make this location unforgettable.

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Facility Amenities

The amenities at The White House ranch are unparalleled.  We cater to the western/ranch motif, but elegance is not lost if you desire a more elegant look for any event you desire. We will make all dreams come true.

The White House Ranch/Event Center

The beautiful barn that is 2250 square foot opens from both sides with sliding barn doors, which has a beautiful cherry wood floor, fireplace mantel, Chandeliers, and red-carpet runner leading through to the Deck, and the Amish Wedding Gazebo.  The White house also offers a vendor kitchen where food can be assembled, heated, and plated for your event.  The White house room is inviting and welcoming.  It is fully furnished with a western flare but also looks spectacular when it is dressed up with our beautiful linen and round tables and chairs.  From Ranch House shabby chic to elegant, the choice of the motif is yours. We let your dreams come true. 

The Beer Garden

Walking into the Beer Garden just before entering The White House Ranch is a treat.  This is the area that, if the bride so chooses, will disembark from her spectacular carriage ride and enter the Carriage House for her walk down the red carpet to the main deck lined with chairs to the beautiful Amish Wedding Gazebo.  The Beer Garden is for much more than arriving in a carriage; it has tabletop seating, picnic tables, a fire pit, and ground games like yard darts or cornhole.  You may even elect to put one of our wedding tents in the beer garden for extra seating or just a spectacular place to meet and greet friends and family.  You can access Dukes Tavern, our Viewing Paddock, and our Petting Zoo from the Beer Garden.

The Viewing Paddock 

Breath-taking views are plentiful from our viewing paddock. From one side, you may walk to a gate and be greeted by our horses, from the other you may be greeted by our cattle. In the middle of our viewing paddock you can walk to our Petting Zoo and surely be greeted by our miniature goats (Dolly and Jolene)  and our miniature donkey (Jen nay). The views are absolutely stunning and the remainder of our five pastures viewed from this paddock offers our cattle, rolling hills and tree lined pastures. On cold nights as the sun is going down the smell and sights of our fire pit can be felt and enjoyed.

The Petting Zoo

Walking through our Magical gate into the petting Zoo transforms anyone back to the days of their youth.  Here you can take snacks we have provided and feed our animals, pet them, hug them and have a pretty in-depth conversation about nothing really important.  You may see our goats riding around on the back of our miniature donkey if you are fortunate enough.  A trick they taught themselves and did almost daily. Here everyone becomes a friend to animals and a kid again.

Dukes Tavern

If you elect to use Dukes Tavern as part of your event, you are in for a real treat.  You enter the Tavern from one side of the viewing paddock.  This is a favorite hangout for many of our cowhands and ranchers.  The White House Ranch main foreman is a rodeo champion (winning over 31 all around Rodeo championships).  It would be no surprise to enjoy an ice-cold brew with him, your friends, or other ranch hands.

Amish Gazebo and Deck

Walking from the Beer Garden through the barn down the red carpet, you come to our main deck.  You will enjoy more breathtaking scenery from the deck as you look out over our rolling pastures to our beautiful spring-fed lake.  You might see some of our black Angus cows and maybe a new calf. The deck can accommodate 100 or more people sitting to watch a wedding or a speaker, dancing under the stars, or gathering to talk.  The backdrop to the Deck is our Amish Gazebo. 

The Gazebo is an idealistic place for a couple to be married. Its orate top and carvings with the rolling hills and tree-lined pasture as a background provide a picturesque and serene setting unparalleled by any other setting. The Amish Gazebo is not just for weddings as it would be the perfect space for a band, speaker, or other entertainment that requires a special stage. 

Covered Entrance Hall

This entry is an ideal place for registry and general information about The White House Ranch and your event.

Game Room

Perfectly located just off the covered hall is a game room where young and old alike can play pool, pinball or electronic video games. Something for everyone here at The White House Event Center.

Horseshoe Pit and Outside Games

Located just off our main deck you will find our horseshoe pit where a quick game is not out of the question.  We also have an outdoor gaming area where yard darts, cornhole, and/or a quick

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